Are You Ready to Be in Business

When you have a new business idea or expansion, you can be so excited that you don’t stop to think about the consequences of what it’s like to be in business, what sacrifices and challenges it will present to you. At the same time, when you’re stuck, unable to move that new idea forward, you may not even realize that there are a few steps to prepare your life to be in business and taking them can make all the difference. You can go from being stuck with a good idea but no ability or inspiration to move it forward to on the fast track if you follow a few ground rules to taking care of your self, your life and your business. Find out whether you are really ready to run your own business, listen and download “Are you Ready to Run Your Own Business?”

The S.M.A.R.T. Business Decision-Making Process

Finally, a business decision-making process to simplify, bring more ease and achieve great business results that make you the priority! If you've ever gotten stuck in a difficult, uncomfortable, disempowering business situation and couldn't find your way out, then you know that having a system that can help you navigate these situations can be invaluable. It’s like having your very own attorney, business advisor and life coach making you and your needs the top priority in any situation. Listen to “The S.M.A.R.T. Business Decision-Making Process” and you will learn how to handle any kind of difficult negotiations, structuring new relationships in your business, and getting rid of indecision in your business forever.

Ten Steps to Building an Effective Business

Do you have a new business idea and just don’t know where to start? Are you thinking of expanding your business and not sure of how to go about that to ensure the success of the expansion? Listen to find out how to create a solid foundation for the growth of your business. I was interviewed for the HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance) Business Conference, as a faculty member delivering business growth strategies to its membership. Learn the ten key steps all business owners should take to start, expand out and keep growing their businesses. Find out who your most important investor is and how you should treat them. Learn how to do easily the one exercise that most business owners avoid!

How to Strategically Grow Your Business using Facebook® and Other Social Media

Listen to me and Mari Smith, a highly-recognized Relationship Specialist, Internet Marketing Consultant, and Facebook Business Coach. Her specialty is helping entrepreneurs to develop information products and systems, and to strategically grow their businesses using no and low cost online marketing techniques. Mari is passionate about teaching professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships using social media, particularly Facebook®. Join us for this information-rich interview and learn how you too can use this powerful platform to leverage your results.

Your Business Can Make an Impact in the World

I had the opportunity to interview Brandon Barnum, co-founder of HUB, Humanity Unites Brilliance, a for-profit company created to make a major impact in the world. Barnum is an extraordinary entrepreneur and businessman, president of multiple companies working in financial markets and equity and other types of financing. He was handpicked to be mentored by Mark Victor Hansen where he grew his deal-making acumen from Tens of Millions to Hundreds of Millions and nearly One Billion Dollars. Barnum considers it his most important and passionate personal goal to increase global philanthropy to $1 Trillion per year by the year 2020 by inspiring the world’s most affluent and influential to give more. Listen to this interview and discover how you, too, can use your business to make an impact in the world, no matter what your balance sheet says, what your business offers as its product or service, or what stage your business is in!