Christine Perakis, Esq.

Business and Executive Coach and 360o Transformation Expert
For more than two decades, Christine Perakis, Esq. has navigated through negotiation tables, board rooms, class rooms, and the tempestuous open seas. As a lawyer, C-Level executive, investor, trainer, and boat captain, Christine discovered an essential truth applicable to both life and business:

"Weathering the storm requires the partnership of a talented Captain and an experienced Navigator"

Christine Perakis 78 RTC copy
Christine brings order to chaos as a professional rescuer, using her business acumen as an attorney, entrepreneur, and certified executive coach, combined with expertise as a certified mountain rescuer, EMT, 100-Ton-Licensed Boat Captain, and World Champion Yacht-racer. Figuratively and literally, Christine has weathered the "Category 5 Storms" in life and business, and guided her teams to safely reach their destination.
Strategically partnering with her clients, Christine has worked in myriad global enterprises, helping entrepreneurs on five continents generate substantial growth from startup through expansion, secure millions in financing from multiple sectors, and implement new revenue streams and product lines. She has developed and conducted business programs and taught seminars, graduate business courses, even sailing, skiing and yoga, among other offerings. 
Christine relishes the challenges of creating solid business foundations for growth, launching new products for worldwide distribution, developing marketing and PR campaigns, attracting media attention, fundraising in the private sector, and teaching others how to do all of these to achieve maximum success. She has also enjoyed acquiring, expanding and managing real estate investments and competitive yacht-racing at the international level. As a partner in multiple enterprises, Christine Perakis contributes all of her expertise as a professional rescuer, business advisor, attorney, mentor, and team-builder.
With you at the helm and Christine helping to guide the way, a world of opportunity stretches out in front of you. Christine invites you to create more profits, ease, and freedom in your life and your business.
For a more detailed look at Christine’s history, please visit her LinkedIn Profile at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christineperakis.
“I have been advising clients for over two decades. I have been a business owner, a partner, an entrepreneur launching new products and services, a management executive and a legal advisor. I have raised money for my own businesses and assisted clients in concluding financing for their businesses from a wide variety of sources. Rarely will you find that combination of experience in someone to help you to conceive, create and build your ideas or vision into a business. I have assisted clients in launching and expanding their businesses. I have provided support to those who desire to move from a successful career to uncharted business success, to generate a dream job out of their experience, imaginations and willingness to take the risk to ask for what they really want, a life of more ease and more freedom.”
- Christine Perakis