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We are all experiencing the reverberations from the most catastrophic pandemic in the last 100 years. And, for most of us, this isn’t the first “Category 5-level” event we’ve endured. We will talk with successful entrepreneurs, senior leaders, and personal wellness experts who will share stories of the challenges they have encountered and the tools they use to become invincible in their lives and businesses in any weather. Find out how you, too, can shore up your business and your life so that you can come through these “storms” to reach clear skies and calm seas and thrive!


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Verne Harnish - Verne Harnish is founder of the world-renowned Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) and chaired for fifteen years, EO’s premiere CEO program, the “Birthing of Giants” and WEO’s “Advanced Business” executive program both heled at MIT. Founder and CEO of Gazelles, a global executive education and coaching company with over 150 coaching partners on six continents, Verne has spent the past three decades helping companies scale-up, columnist for FORTUNE magazine. He’s the author of Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) The Greatest Business Decisions of All Time: How Apple, Ford, IBM, Zappos, and others made radical choices that changed the course of business Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Growth Firm (Rockefeller Habits 2.0); Mastering the Rockefeller Habits; and along with the editors of Fortune, authored “The Greatest Business Decisions of All Times” for which Jim Collins wrote the foreword. Verne also chairs FORTUNE Magazine’s annual Leadership and Growth Summits and serves on several boards including chairman of The Riordan Clinic and the newly launched Geoversity.


Chris M. King - Go from status quo to Status FLOW. Peak-performance executive coach and motivational speaker Chris M. King trains clients in “flow,” making the impossible, and even the unimaginable, a reality for small to middle market companies and professional individuals. “Flow” is a state of consciousness that drives exponential increases in innovation and velocity while reducing stress, overwhelm, and burnout to absolute zero. Achieve the difficult, the impossible, and even the unimaginable in ⅕ the time others thought it would take you to fail. This is "Pique" Performance.

Dr. Savitha Balaraman and Victoria Carlson - Victoria F. Carlson, CRNA, is a Nurse Anesthetist from Tampa, Fl. She has worked in the Anesthesia profession for 20 years. She has particular interest in the impact of meditation on health. She has been meditating for 12 years and has been trained to facilitate meditation classes through the international, non-profit public service organization, Isha Foundation. Since 2010 she has conducted meditation sessions in medical facilities, corporations, medical conferences and community centers.

Dr. Savitha Balaraman is a medical oncologist, practicing in Royal Oak, Michigan. She also is the Chair of the Research and Outreach Committee of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin. She is involved in teaching medical students, residents and fellows at the Beaumont Health System. She is an avid researcher looking to bridge gaps in health care especially for the underserved. As a full-time professional and a mother of two, she constantly strives to bring balance between work and family life. Meditation has helped her accomplish this goal, along with helping her channelize her energy.

Scott Aaron  - Internationally acclaimed and award-winning online marketer, best-selling author, top podcaster and speaker, Scott Aaron, is the go-to specialist when it comes to converting traffic, establishing connections, creating residual using LinkedIn and building personal brands. Fully immersing himself in learning LinkedIn and social media strategies, Scott quickly gained traction as a leader in generating big results for other entrepreneurs, online business owners and business coaches. Scott is passionate about helping fellow entrepreneurs achieve success while building their own network organically and without complicated and costly marketing tactics. His program has helped thousands experience explosive growth following his program. People-focused and result-driven, Scotts strategic approach to teaching others how to create wealth online and organic traffic is the game changer when it comes to competing in a saturated digital world


Julia Aquino - Julia is an author, entrepreneur, speaker, hard working mom and breast cancer survivor. SheDefined™ CEO & Founder Julia Aquino-Serrano is no new comer to tough choices. She has spent time on all sides of the business world in executive roles and is a successful serial entrepreneur – leading the success of All Systems Grow®, Tees for Humanity®, and SheDefined™. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Finance and an MBA with a specialization in Accounting. Julia coaches executives and entrepreneurs to lead from within to create their lives and businesses authentically. Her first book, She Strategy, was released in 2018 and became an Amazon Best Seller.


Michelle Glogovac - Michelle Glogovac owns a podcasting PR agency, specializing in podcast booking. She is also a producer, and host who launched her business after 18 years in corporate aviation. Michelle works with entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their businesses and audiences while ensuring their message reaches the masses. Michelle is a natural relationship maker which is why her passion of helping experts be interviewed on podcasts is so successful. Michelle is a wife, mom of two, stepmom of two, and a fur mom. She has her B.A. and M.S. in Law. She resides in the Bay Area and loves to share what her favorite wines are!


Frank Agin - Frank Agin is president of AmSpirit Business Connections, which empowers entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals to become successful through networking. He also hosts the Networking Rx podcast, which has insights and interviews related to better business relationships. Finally, Frank is the author of several books, including Foundational Networking.


Linda M. Lopeke - Linda M. Lopeke (pronounced Low Peck) helps digital business owners grow their confidence, professional expertise, reputation, recognition and income by showing them how to eliminate obstacles to business success and maximize cash flow through strategic marketing so they can get their best work out into the world.

Linda is a distinguished leading expert in business development, marketing, and management, and the Founder of the award-winning SMARTSTART programs. Since 1982, she’s served as a consultant to the world’s most successful companies, and as an educator and mentor to multiple successful entrepreneurs and esteemed thought leaders.


Natasha Zuvela - Represented billion dollar brands such as Virgin Money, MTV, Bonds, XXXX Gold and most recently Citi Bank on national television commercials. Natasha had the #1 rated MTV show for 3 years running, which was broadcast in both Australia & Europe to over 60 million viewers When the world famous Steve Irwin passed away, Australia Zoo hired Natasha Zuvela to takeover Steve’s hosting of the live Crocoseum shows. Natasha had to entertain 5,000 people while being locked inside a crocodile enclosure with 500 kilogram salt water crocodiles and with 20 snakes crawling at her feet. Natasha now combines her extensive experience in representing billion dollar brands on television, with her love for empowerment and making difference. Her exclusive VIDEO MASTERY training programs are now helping so many people get their message to a global audience and attract more clients by learning how to present powerfully on camera and create compelling videos.
Here is a link to Natasha’s FREE 3 part Video Confidence Secrets: 


Marsh Engle - Marsh Engle is a pioneer and leading authority in the field of women's success, bridging creative authority and achievement. A multi-published author, founder of THE AMAZING WOMAN NATION, creator of the AMAZING WOMAN LEGACY book series and award-winning entrepreneur, her work and multi-decade research promotes practices that lead women to succeed with influence and impact.


Christina Sjahali - Christina Sjahli is an On-Demand Chief Financial Officer (CFO), who is obsessed with the magic of numbers and the story they tell that helps entrepreneurs build a better business. She will show you how to untangle the financial story in your business so you can create a business that fuels the life you want to live without the expense of hiring a full-time CFO.
She is also the host of Her CEO Journey: The Business Finance Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs where she asks her guests to share the good, the bad and the truth about the money they have made or lost and recovered as entrepreneurs and inspire other women entrepreneurs to achieve financial equality.


Victoria Mehren - Victoria is an Investment Associate at Expert Dojo; she has over ten years of experience in investment, due diligence, financial analysis, strategic planning, and business development in various industries, including Sensor & Technology, Semiconductor, Oil & Gas, Asset Management, Private Equity, and Venture Capital Industries in the UK, US, and Europe. Since 2018, she has been investing, mentoring, and advising women entrepreneurs in their journey.


Maya Rizkallah - Maya Rizkallah received her Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from the American University of Beirut, with training and professional experience with Beirut Graphics, Millennium Develop-ment, Fabrica (Italy) and Tarek Atrissi Design (Netherlands), in addition to an extensive free-lance work experience. Over thirteen years ago, she became a full-time volunteer with the Isha Foundation as a yoga instructor, and grew to teach programs across India, Europe, UK, the US, Middle East, Mauritius, Singapore and Malaysia. She has over 12 years experience teach-ing Inner Engineering courses and advanced programs with Isha Foundation.


Fernanda Carapinha - Fernanda Carapinha is a serial media/tech entrepreneur, former senior entertainment executive, executive producer and writer, with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment/technology business. Fernanda’s deep experience and insight both in the creative entertainment/media business of content development, production, distribution, and promotion, as well as in the data science/soAware business, has afforded her a unique perspective that has enabled her to be ahead of the curve in the convergence of the entertainment and technology industries. Carapinha is the founder and CEO of 4Digital (4Digital.com) and 4Digital Entertainment (4digitalentertainment.com), two Los Angeles based companies at the heart of the content/technology movement as well as the founder of WE Global (womenentrepreneurs.global), an innovation studio for women entrepreneurs, launching this summer. 


Josh Tapp - Josh has worked with over 500 entrepreneurs helping them build audiences of 1,000 paying fans. As host of The Lucky Titan Podcast, Josh has worked with entrepreneurs across the globe helping them leverage masterminds to enhance customer engagement, and to build real and lasting trust with their audiences.


Adam Farfan - Exemplifying a world-class lifestyle, Adam is passionate about leading others to transform into remarkably successful leaders too, including celebrities, pro-athletes, non-Profit organizations, 500 INC CEOs, Forbes Rated Companies.

Cutting-edge expertise, an impeccable track record, & love for developing others, Adam delivers one-of-a-kind premiere online financial coaching dedicated to teaching clients across the world strategic implementation strategies that make Adam one of the most well-respected industry legends.


Good News Only Guy – Mike will talk about how a positive winning attitude has propelled him through 20 marathons, including 9 Boston Marathons; several successful entrepreneurial ventures; spearheaded 2 bankruptcy bailouts; numerous board positions; mentoring entrepreneurs; currently President of a very large swimwear company, Swim USA’s, Backflips Inc. Division; created a trading program called “Believe & Achieve;” leading with love and togetherness – using his sports background he helps people get where they want to go so that they can win with people not without them!

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With Joey Held

Join us as we talk about courage and problem-solving while weathering your own storms!

Frank Agin, author and founder of AmSpirit Business Connections, talks with author and hurricane survivor Christine Perakis on strategies for utilizing relationships to survive the storms of life.

Join us here as we talk about creating your tribe to weather any storm!

For more information on AmSpirit Business Connections and its franchise opportunity program, contact Frank Agin at frankagin@amspirit.com or visit http://www.amspirit.com/franchise.php.

Resilient Leader, Leadership Strategies, Weathering Storms In Life, Storm Warrior, Being Of Service, Become Invincible

Your expertise is also helping people grow their business fast, and I’m sure people would love to hear some tips on what you recommend around that. I know you’re big on defining the target market.

We don't control anything that happens to us from the outside.

Like they say, we’re meant to serve who we are. We have to create an avatar in being able to understand who is our target market. We can start from within, that’s how I came to do what I do now. Because we started a business that went from 100% equity funding to a $10 million a year company in four years and employed 160 people. If I knew then what I know now I was so ill equipped to run a company of 160 on an ongoing way, which wasn’t my goal, ultimately, but in the throes of it, the growth of that level can be a Category 5 situation. I’m trying to keep the balls in the air. People have needs. Things have to happen. I felt as though I didn’t have somebody that I had known that path that I was on. Someone who had run a successful multimillion-dollar business, and could be in my corner to support me. Help me see through objective lens what I couldn’t see because I was in it.I couldn’t talk to my partner in that because he was out generating the business, brilliant biz dev guy. I couldn’t talk to anyone on my team. Having that support goes back to what I talked about in the book, becoming your storm warrior. We all know what a warrior is. We’re generally protecting our tribes, our communities, and our foe is somebody who’s equally doing the same thing. We have the same mission. When a Category 5 situation happens, its events are beyond our control. We have to start by recognizing where we’re vulnerable.

In my business, I didn’t want people to know that I didn’t have all the answers or that I might not know how to be a great leader at that time. When I went home alone, that night before the hurricane struck, I was thinking, I’m a boat captain, a professional rescuer in my past. I always have it together. People pay me well to have all the answers. I was complacent. The number one rule of seamanship is complacency kills. I didn’t recognize or acknowledge my vulnerabilities and that’s what being a storm warrior requires. Understanding where you’re vulnerable and asking for help where you need it, so that you can be of service to your tribe.

Resilient Leader: In order to affect the outside marketplace in business or to have people come on board with you, you have to exhibit a level of skill and competence that starts from within.


I love that line. Be your own storm warrior. I have two questions around this expertise you have in helping businesses grow. The first one is, what recommendations do you have for people regarding their competition? Should they be aware of what the competition is marketing or stay focused on their progress or somewhere between?

What we want to be doing at all times is innovating where we can. Never sit back complacency. If we’re seeing our competition doing that, and we’re sitting back counting our money because things are going well, then we’re missing that boat and we will become obsolete. I work with tech startups quite often and I mentor at incubators and I tell them, “You’re going to be where you’ll need to go big and fast, but create a plan for a long-term legacy company. Someone’s going to come in six months and do it better, faster, more well-financed than you. If you’re not prepared for that, then you’re going to be sunk.” Understanding that we’re going to have to create something. Continue to create, continue to innovate.

It is true because you realize that you’re not alone in your problem. When you isolate yourself, you think, “I’m the only one that has this problem,” and then you’re like, “Everyone else is struggling with cash flow not being consistent.” Whatever the issue is. It’s such an a-ha moment you realize, “If somebody else has figured this out, maybe I don’t have to reinvent the wheel.”

That goes back to that secret shame. I’m guilty of it, I raise my hand high. It’s that idea of, “I don’t want anyone to think I don’t have it all together, or that I haven’t had a straight shot to whatever successes I’m at the moment. That it was always easy or I always had all the answers.” I had this bizarre attachment to feeling like I had to be perfect, and nobody is.

Continue to create, continue to innovate.



Join me with Scott Aaron, marketer extraordinaire, as we talk about what it takes to truly be resilient in any weather!









Join me with Mark Goulston on his show, "My Wakeup Call" to talk about getting through Catastrophe together!

In this episode I speak with Christine Perakis, serial entrepreneur, boat captain, author and category 5 hurricane survivor about wakeup call of realizing you need others to get through life.


Join me with Maverick Peters for Maverick Mondays and a chat about surviving together!

Maverick Peters|4/26/2020
Christine Perakis of Marina del Rey, California is a business growth expert, speaker, and best selling author of “The Entrepreneur’s Essential Road Map”. She creates millionaires through their relentless pursuit of success, she been featured in both INC and USA TODAY magazines. However, none of those are the underlying reason why she's our episode 27 guest. Christine, quite literally, survived two category five hurricanes. She shares her experiences both with us and in her soon-to-be published book, “The Resilient Leader”. More at: MVPODCASTING | Host: Maverick Peters | Bonus: Coronavirus Health Tips


life changing situation, resilience and support, survival in the corporate world, self-awareness, asking for support, serving the community

leadership strategies, management skills, task oriented extrovert, entrepreneur roadmap, team leading, quality leader


I had a blast chatting with Christina Sjahli on Her CEO Journey podcast: The Business Finance Podcast for Women Entrepreneurs. Listen in to hear me share about:


? Going from a lawyer to an entrepreneur (5:38)

? Why begin with the end in mind (6:36)

? Built business to exit (7:45)

? Built a company from $0 to $10 million in 4 years (8:49)

? Managed the gap between cash from clients vs. cash to pay suppliers (11:16)

? The steps a business needs to set up before pitching to an external investor (13:11)

? When you don’t pay yourself a decent CEO salary, you don't do justice for your business (15:40)

? Getting an investor into the business doesn’t equal success (18:10)

? As a business owner, you are the most important investor in the business (19:52)

? If you don’t have the right processes set up, be ready to air your dirty laundry during due diligence (27:00)

? It’s important to understand the assumption used behind the numbers (28:15)

? Think long-term, instead of short-term (30:15)

? How I survived and learned from weathering a category 5 hurricane (34:00)

? Loneliness epidemic in business and life (41:21)

? If you work with a start-up business and they don’t have the cash to pay you, here is an option (43:41)

? Becoming a Storm Warrior (45:12)

? My view on money before and after the catastrophic event (47:36)


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How Do You Get from 0 to 8-Figures in Record Time?


Are You Ready to Be in Business

When you have a new business idea or expansion, you can be so excited that you don’t stop to think about the consequences of what it’s like to be in business, what sacrifices and challenges it will present to you. At the same time, when you’re stuck, unable to move that new idea forward, you may not even realize that there are a few steps to prepare your life to be in business and taking them can make all the difference. You can go from being stuck with a good idea but no ability or inspiration to move it forward to on the fast track if you follow a few ground rules to taking care of your self, your life and your business. Find out whether you are really ready to run your own business, listen and download “Are you Ready to Run Your Own Business?”

The S.M.A.R.T. Business Decision-Making Process

Finally, a business decision-making process to simplify, bring more ease and achieve great business results that make you the priority! If you've ever gotten stuck in a difficult, uncomfortable, disempowering business situation and couldn't find your way out, then you know that having a system that can help you navigate these situations can be invaluable. It’s like having your very own attorney, business advisor and life coach making you and your needs the top priority in any situation. Listen to “The S.M.A.R.T. Business Decision-Making Process” and you will learn how to handle any kind of difficult negotiations, structuring new relationships in your business, and getting rid of indecision in your business forever.

Ten Steps to Building an Effective Business

Do you have a new business idea and just don’t know where to start? Are you thinking of expanding your business and not sure of how to go about that to ensure the success of the expansion? Listen to find out how to create a solid foundation for the growth of your business. I was interviewed for the HUB (Humanity Unites Brilliance) Business Conference, as a faculty member delivering business growth strategies to its membership. Learn the ten key steps all business owners should take to start, expand out and keep growing their businesses. Find out who your most important investor is and how you should treat them. Learn how to do easily the one exercise that most business owners avoid!

How to Strategically Grow Your Business using Facebook® and Other Social Media

Listen to me and Mari Smith, a highly-recognized Relationship Specialist, Internet Marketing Consultant, and Facebook Business Coach. Her specialty is helping entrepreneurs to develop information products and systems, and to strategically grow their businesses using no and low cost online marketing techniques. Mari is passionate about teaching professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships using social media, particularly Facebook®. Join us for this information-rich interview and learn how you too can use this powerful platform to leverage your results.

Your Business Can Make an Impact in the World

I had the opportunity to interview Brandon Barnum, co-founder of HUB, Humanity Unites Brilliance, a for-profit company created to make a major impact in the world. Barnum is an extraordinary entrepreneur and businessman, president of multiple companies working in financial markets and equity and other types of financing. He was handpicked to be mentored by Mark Victor Hansen where he grew his deal-making acumen from Tens of Millions to Hundreds of Millions and nearly One Billion Dollars. Barnum considers it his most important and passionate personal goal to increase global philanthropy to $1 Trillion per year by the year 2020 by inspiring the world’s most affluent and influential to give more. Listen to this interview and discover how you, too, can use your business to make an impact in the world, no matter what your balance sheet says, what your business offers as its product or service, or what stage your business is in!