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Business owners and executives often find their strengths and talents are well-suited for the focus of their business products or services, but not necessarily for some of the operational and growth aspects inherent in every organization. Business owners find themselves having to wear three hats - Entrepreneur, Manager, and Technician, usually without sufficient support. Not all the technicians are designed to be entrepreneurs or managers; not all entrepreneurs have the attention to detail and people skills to make great managers or technicians; and not all good managers have the creativity to be entrepreneurs or skilled technicians. Imagine integrating all of these demands with the support of a “strategic business navigator for hire” standing shoulder-to-shoulder with you, who has the skills, experience, and expertise to propel your business growth exponentially and help you build the solid foundation that your company may be missing. This is what an alliance with Christine Perakis and Business Breakthrough Pro can bring to your organization.
As an objective business strategist, experienced entrepreneur, attorney, trainer and mentor, Christine Perakis, Esq. consults on essential strategic business matters from critical decision-making to building a first rate team, establishing key contractual relationships, to facilitating and managing the raising of financing and ongoing capital needs.
Christine provides her clients with the specific tools, materials, resources, and support necessary to take action and build a solid foundation, even offering a trained legal-perspective in the analysis of any business situation.
As the CEO, you are the captain of your proverbial ship; let Christine Perakis stand beside you as your expert navigator.

Strategic business solution offerings include:

  • Creating Actionable Strategic Plans initially, annually and quarterly
  • Establishing Business Structure
  • Building a Base of Resources
  • Attracting Investors
  • Navigating Financing Options
  • Developing and Maintaining Business Partnerships
  • Implementing Marketing Strategies
  • Defining a “Real” Exit Strategy
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